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London and South East
Postgraduate Medical and Dental Education

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The PSU Coaching Service

The new Coaching Service is part of the Professional Support Unit (PSU).  This service is particularly designed to help trainees and learners in challenging situations that could prevent them from getting the most from their careers.

To be eligible for the PSU Coaching Service individuals need to be postgraduate medical or dental trainees or healthcare professionals on recognised post initial qualifications and education pathways.  Examples of other healthcare professionals who would be eligible include pre-registration pharmacy trainees, healthcare scientists on either the STP or HSST programmes, nurses on the Capital Nurse programme or structured preceptorship.

To access the service you will be encouraged to self-refer or signposted through one of the other PSU services which includes Individual Support Team, Careers Unit or the Specialist Communication Skills team.

You can access the PSU New Coaching Service by completing a short application here

Learners can also access the London Leadership Academy Coaching service by following this link.

To find out more about coaching and the difference between the PSU Coaching Service and the London Leadership Academy Coaching service click HERE

If you have any questions about the PSU Coaching Service please contact us at: