Health Education East London is the Local Education and Training Board that covers London, HEE London is a subcommittee of Health Education England. The responsibilities of the London Deanery passed to three Local Education Training Boards (LETBs) covering all of London, who are themselves part of Health Education England, the national leadership organization responsible for ensuring that NHS education, training, and workforce development drive the highest possible standards of public health and patient outcomes.

The three LETBs in London are Health Education North Central and East London, Health Education North West London and Health Education South London.

Our guiding principles which underpin the operating model for the LETB are that:

  • We are one organisation serving London
  • We are Patient focussed in every decision we make and action we take
  • We are Provider led; and
  • We engage People in what we do

In short, we concentrate on four key areas: planning; education and training; workforce transformation and leadership with the aim of driving up quality, supported by meaningful engagement with our partners, patients and staff. The values set out in the NHS constitution will lie at the heart of what we do and how we operate.