The Careers Unit

Providing careers support for healthcare professionals seeking to plan and develop their careers

We can offer you support to make career choices at key transition points during your postgraduate professional training through:

  • Individual, confidential and impartial careers support appointments with experienced career coaches and advisers either in person or virtually
  • Workshops and webinars on topics such as career planning and the consultant interview
  • Self-directed e-learning resources providing structure and opportunity for reflection to your career planning and in the realisation of your career goals
  • A range of resources, exercises and website links to support your decision making.

The SCAN Career Planning Model developed by the London PSU Careers Unit is a structured framework  designed to offer informed, realistic and robust career planning for health professionals. Further information and exercises linked to the SCAN career Planning model can be found here

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Networking For Clinicians: This webinar focuses on the advantages of utilising and developing a network of key contacts to inform conversations around your career and clarify understanding of particular roles and opportunities


The Consultant Interview:  preparing for success covers 5 aspects of the interview process - in less than 20 minutes. Packed with practical information and guidance to enhance your chances of being the successful candidate. Find out what consultants have to say about pre-interview trust visits, managing your mindset and delivering a compelling presentation. Further information and resources to support preparation for consultant interviews can be found here


Career Support For Foundation Doctors

We have developed a variety of online resources to support Foundation doctors with their career planning including what to consider when choosing speciality, F3 opportunities and effective preparation for speciality interviews. Further details can be found here

KSS Foundation Trainees

 KSS Foundation trainees should access support services via the KSS’s own Professional Support & Wellbeing Service. Please head to for more information.


You may also be interested in booking 1-2-1 virtual careers support or onto one of our regular clinical careers focused webinars and workshops current details of which can be found here


[Please note:  Due to the current high volume of careers applications we will endeavour to respond to emails and applications within 14 days. Thank you for your understanding].



1-2-1 Careers Cancellation criteria

# Clients are allocated to suitable coach for up to 3 x Free 1-2-1 virtual appointments on dates/times that are mutually convenient to client and coach.

# Clients can cancel/re-arrange their appointments with their coach up to 24 hours before their appointment by email. However, if changes are made less than 24 hours before their appointment they may lose one of their allocated coaching appointments. In all circumstances clients should submit by email to their coach the reason for their late cancellation.



"It was extremely helpful to work through, initially my doubts and concerns, and later my ideas and plans for the future, with someone who was both impartial and experienced in facilitating these discussions" 

CT2 Trainee 

"There are very few places where you can get such objective, independent advice from someone who has no agenda."

ST4 Trainee

"In the process of my discussion with the career coach though my idea went from being a ‘pipe dream’ to something someone else was really enthusiastic about too. The coach said they thought it was brilliant and helped me to work out a bite-sized action plan which I could really use."


"Thank you for all your help. You really made me believe in myself and I had a good and really confident interview. I know I have gained confidence which I know I will work on in my new band 7 post."

Trainee Midwife

"It was extremely helpful having sessions spread over a few months so that I was able to understand how I myself changed over time. The sessions provoked thought, asked questions I do not regularly ask myself."

F1 Trainee

"I just wanted to thank you again for all your help and for helping me see that there is an area of medicine that I enjoy. Without your help, I would have given up and never seen this."

F1 Trainee who considered leaving medicine

"This has been cathartic."

Consultant who attended a career planning workshop


1-2-1 Appointment Applications

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