Careers Resources 

This section highlights a wide variety of resources and information that will enable you to reflect, explore and make informed and realistic career decisions and plans both now and in the future.

Career Planning

This section focuses on what you need to consider in arriving at a career decision. Whether you are making initial post-graduate clinical career decisions or are at more advanced level of your career and are considering consolidating or adding more variety to your working life the 4-stage SCAN career planning model will help you to arrive at decisions that are informed, realistic, robust and meet your individual needs


Career Development

This section considers the variety of career options available to health professionals once they have completed initial training. This could involve widening your skillset in one of the '4 pillars of healthcare' - clinical, research, teaching, management, or developing your interest and experience in non clinical or entrepreneurial careers. A wealth of case studies, videos and key information relating to understanding and developing a portfolio health career can be found here


Career Information

This section contains key sector specific career resources and information including articles, reports and case studies


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