Foundation Doctors

Being a foundation doctor can be both a challenging and enriching experience. There is a lot to navigate including managing patient care in different specialities, teams and environment, passing exams, keeping your portfolio updated and planning the next steps in your career - this is where we can help:.

Whether you want support in choosing your speciality, exploring clinical and non-clinical career options, preparing for applications or interviews or are considering an F3 we have the links resources, information and guidance you need. 

If you are are completely confused or baffled as to your next steps start by following the SCAN career planning model.


The SCAN Career Planning Model 

This career planning model sets out a 4-stage structure for your career planning.

Click on the links below to access short exercises and links to extra information:

  • Self Awareness supports you in considering what is important to you in your career

  • Career Exploration lets you consider resources and strategy needed to inform the decisions you are making

  • Arriving at your decision allows you to weigh up the options

  • Next Steps helps you plan the actions you need to take to submit a good application to specialty or other post foundation option


Career Planning for Foundation Doctors E-Module (eLfH)

  • hosted by elfh (e-learning for healthcare)

  • includes 4 short modules to represent each of the stages in the SCAN model

  • supported by a workbook which contains many of the exercises on our website and more (please see link below to download a copy).   

  • details of how to access these modules can be found here: Career Planning for Foundation Doctors


Careers Guidance Appointments

Remember you can discuss your career planning concerns with an expert member of the PSU careers team. You are entitled to up to three 1-2-1 virtual career appointments whilst holding a London Training number:

  • Professional Support Unit offers impartial and confidential 1-2-1 appointments with  careers consultants

  • these can focus thinking about your opportunties, decisions or preparing for interviews

  • follow  Careers Application Form

[Please note we will not be able to give advice and guidance on the Oriel application process during 1-2-1 appointments- Please refer to the resources listed below]


PGDME Portal

This London Deanery portal gives specific links and FAQs on both speciality and recruitment queries: