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The Professional Support Unit’s Pandemic Podcast series is a resource for healthcare trainees and supervisors during the coronavirus pandemic and in its aftermath.

Each episode aims to generate thought and discussion around topics relevant to healthcare professionals during these times, such as wellbeing, training and supervision, careers or communication challenges. We will be in conversation with a panel of experts, coaches and guest speakers, with vox pops representing the voice of healthcare professionals highlighting their relevant experiences.

We aim to launch episodes weekly on the London & KSS PSU webpage (below) and the National HEE SuppoRTT website. These easily accessible audio-recordings are also available to stream via Google Podcasts and Spotify.

We hope that trainees can listen to these podcast conversations when convenient and find them informative, helpful and re-assuring during these difficult times. 



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Prof. Clare Gerada in converation with Adam Kay around managing the challenges of being a junior doctor