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Episode 6 - Perspectives from the frontline and the sidelines


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Released On: 22 June 2020       Planning & Production Credits: Kathleen Sullivan, Sarah Siddiqui, Jane Gardner-Florence



Healthcare workers have been faced with unusually difficult career-related decisions during the Covid-19 outbreak. Many have asked themselves: "Do I run towards the frontline or work from the sidelines?" What do these choices reveal about our unique values, motivational drivers and ethical stance? How might these highly-personal choices shape our career once the pandemic is over? In this episode PSU coach Kathleen Sullivan is in conversation with Gabriel Weston, Shak Rahman and Sarah Siddiqui. These three surgeons are at different stages in their career and have made very different and difficult choices during the pandemic. However, what they have in common is a curiosity about the legacy that the Covid-19 crisis may have on our professional identities over the course of our careers. In this extended episode they consider some of the important decisions they have made and delve deep into some of the  questions emerging from a potentially career-altering pandemic.  



Gabriel Weston is a surgeon in the NHS. She studied English before undertaking her medical training, and she draws upon her knowledge of both disciplines, as an author and TV presenter, in addition to her career as a surgeon.

Shakeel Rahman is a Pan Thames Plastic Surgical Trainee. He has a background in medical education and mentoring.

Sarah Siddiqui is a National SuppoRTT Fellow in the London & KSS Professional Support Unit. She is dual-qualified in Medicine and Dentistry and on sabbatical from Core Surgical Training.

Kathleen Sullivan is a Senior Coach for the PSU and an Associate with Career Planning for Doctors and Dentists. Kathleen specialises in transformational coaching and satisfying career transitions for doctors. Her integrated approach draws on modalities including Solutions Focus, Constellations, and Thinking Partnerships

Thank you to the trainees, who kindly provided the sound bites and wished to remain anonymous.


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