Restoring Efficiency to the Dental Registrant

The Committee of Postgraduate Dental Deans and Directors (COPDEND) has assisted with the remediation of dentists in difficulty for many years. The gradual transition to a more litigious society and a heightened awareness of the need to address poor professional performance has resulted in a marked increase in the number of cases requiring remediation.

The Postgraduate Dental Deans in England determined that in the interest of protecting the public and in light of the need for appropriate quality assurance of remedial training, it would be beneficial to develop a framework for handling these cases. For further information and detail on the process please see

The overall Responsibility for the remediation rests with the GDC registrant. The role of HEE (LKSS) is to provide assistance in drawing up a remediation action plan, to give advice on resources available to the registrant, to monitor the milestones in the action plan and to report back to the referring agency (the GDC).

If you are Dental Registrant from the London and KSS region seeking remediation, to request a meeting with one of our Restoring efficiency advisors you can contact