Return to Work Support for Dentists and DCPs

Returning to practice

If you have been away from dentistry for a period of time, you may find it daunting to think of returning straight away. The experience of many people is that if the break is not too long, their dental skills return very quickly. However, it is vital that patient safety is not compromised and that you are confident that you are able to operate in a safe, consistent manner according to best practice. There are a number of courses which are aimed at updating skills and knowledge to allow the confidence to return to work. These can be accessed via the Accent booking system at

When you are ready to return to practice, you will first have to ensure that your registration with the General Dental Council (GDC) is current and that your professional indemnity is up to date. If you wish to return to primary care NHS dentistry you will need to find a practice that can offer you a position. You then need to apply to join the national Performers list. The regulations that cover inclusion on the Performers List list are covered by the National Health Service (Performers List) (England) Regulations 2013.

Applying for inclusion on the national Dental Performers List

When you are ready to return to practice you will need to decide how and where you wish to work. You will first need to be registered with the General Dental Council. If you wish to return to primary care NHS dentistry, you will need to apply to the NHS England Area Team where you wish to work, to be included in their Performers List. The application form to be included on the Performers List should be obtained from the Area Team or from

You will have to submit several documents and show that you have completed Vocational Training or are exempt from Vocational Training.

If you do not have a VT number or cannot prove exemption, you can apply for a competency based assessment known as Vocational Training by Equivalence (VTE). This involves submitting an application to the NHS Area Team, which is then forwarded on to the Postgraduate Dental Dean at London Dental Education and Training for further assessment. More information can be found out about this from our website via the home page VTE link.

You will not have to go through this process if you are going to work in private practice or in secondary care.

Where do I start?

Personal development plan.

There are courses on  Accent which are aimed at helping you develop a personal development plan.

Not registered?

Contact the GDC for information on requirements for registration or go to


As a member of the British Dental Association you can get help with CV's, contracts, and a wealth of advice sheets. There is a reduced membership rate for those on low incomes.

Courses and Continuing Professional Development?

Fulfilling the GDC's mandatory CPD requirement is obligatory for continued registration, HEE run a range of courses throughout the year at various postgraduate centers across London and KSS. To register and search for courses please go to:

Finding a Job?

The British Dental Journal Jobs Section is a good place to start. Use your contacts and ask around and put the word out that you are looking for a job. Why not circulate your CV around local practices with a covering letter about what you can offer and what they might be looking for?