You are required to complete your revalidation and renew your registration every three years with the NMC.

There are eight separate elements to the revalidation process:


  1. Practice hours
  2. Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
  3. Practice-related feedback
  4. Written reflective accounts
  5. Reflective discussion
  6. Health and character 
  7. Professional indemnity arrangement
  8. Confirmation.


Action point


Start to keep a portfolio. This is a place where you can safely keep all the evidence required to support your application for renewal.  The portfolio can be electronic or a box or paper file.

It will be useful to share your portfolio at the discussion you have with you confirmer.

You may already have a professional portfolio and if so, you will not need to start a new one but continue to develop it.

Internationally educated and prepared Registered Nurses might find the following resources helpful:







Supporting evidence

450 practice hours


(900 hours if you are revalidating as both a nurse and a midwife)

Maintain a record of practice hours you have completed including:

  • dates of practice
  • the number of hours you undertook
  • the name, address and postcode of the organisation
  • scope of practice*
  • work setting**
  • a description of the work you undertook
  • evidence of the practice hours (e.g. timesheet, role profiles or job specifications) 

35 hours of Continuing Professional Development


Maintain accurate and verifiable records of your CPD activities, including:

  • the format of CPD (online, study day, self-learning)
  • a brief description of the topic and how it relates to your practice
  • dates the CPD was undertaken
  • the number of hours and participatory hours*
  • identification of the part of The Code must relevant to the CPD and,
  • evidence of the CPD activity

Five pieces of practice-related feedback

Notes of the content of the feedback and how you used it to improve your practice. This will help you when you come to prepare your reflective accounts. Make sure your notes do not contain any personal data.

Five written reflective accounts


The five written reflective accounts; they explain what you have learnt from your CPD activity and/ or feedback and / or an event or experience in your practice, how you changed or improved your practice as a result – and how this is relevant to The Code.

The NMC has designed the forms to be used to help you record your five accounts:


Reflective discussion


A reflective discussion form which includes the name and NMC PIN number of the NMC-registered RN that you had your discussion with, including the date of the discussion.

The NMC has designed the form to be used to provide this evidence; a paper copy must be stored.


Health and character


You will need to make these declarations as part of your online revalidation application.


Professional indemnity arrangement


Evidence to demonstrate that you have appropriate indemnity arrangement in place usually with your employer, membership of a professional body or through a private insurance arrangement. If through a professional body or through a private insurance arrangement, you will need to provide a name.




A confirmation form signed by your confirmer. You must use the NMC form.


*Scope of Practice: Direct clinical care, Commissioning, Education, Policy, Consultancy, Quality Assurance, Research, Other.


** Work setting: Ambulance service, Care home sector, Care inspectorate, Cosmetic/ aesthetic sector. District nursing, Education, Governing body or leadership role, GP practice or other primary care, Health visiting, Hospital or other secondary care, Insurance, legal, Military, Occupational Health, Other community services, Policy, Prison, Private domestic setting, Private health care, Public health, Research, School nursing, Specialist (tertiary) care, Telephone or e-health advice, Trade Union or professional body, Voluntary sector, Overseas, Other.


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