Learning Together Psychiatry

Learning Together Psychiatry is a training model that provides GP and Psychiatry registrars the opportunity to engage in peer learning: each can learn from the knowledge, skills and attitude of the other, and is available across London in partnership with the School of Psychiatry.

The three London local teams will organise Psychiatry and General Practice educational initiatives that encompasses elements of inter-speciality training days and paired learning between GP Registrars and higher trainees in Psychiatry. These are joint clinics where a visiting psychiatry trainee (ST4-6) is paired, according to location, with a GP ST3 registrar within their practice. Each pair conducts a series of at least 4-6 joint clinics which are fully supported by the GP supervisor in the practice and remotely by the Psychiatry supervisor.


  • For GP trainees: To improve knowledge in the diagnosis and management of mental health problems
  • For Psychiatry trainees: To improve knowledge in the management of physical health problems, to understand care of mental health issues in primary care, to appreciate organisation and management of primary care practices
  • To create better an understanding of care systems, services, patient journeys and assist in the vertical integration of care
  • To generate cross-speciality networks that may continue post CCT


  • GP ST3 trainees
  • Higher trainees in Psychiatry (ST4-ST6)


How to get involved

If this is something you’d be interested in being part of, please read the full information documents to the right of this page. You’ll need to speak to your Training Programme Director and/or Educational Supervisor in the first instance to get approval. One you’ve got approval, please complete and submit the registration form.

Online registration form