Training Programme Director Handbook

The link below is the most up to date version of the handbook provided for London and KSS TPDs

Version 4.0 April 2024.pdf


Training Programme Director Development Session 2023-2024

The table below shows the timetable for the 2023-24 season of TPD Development sessions, which is open to all London and KSS TPDs. Registration links have been circulated via email and you can also find them in the website calendar by selecting 'Training Programme Directors' in the 'Suitable for' dropdown list. This is a modular programme and presentations from each session will be added to the table immediately after each is completed.



How run 


Provisional date/time


MS Teams 


The Code of Practice, timings, formulating grids and using the Trainee Information System (TIS)  


6 February 2024


Programme Management 

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Covering a range of areas that make this challenging, includes: OOPs, LTFT, events (regional training days, STCs, school boards), finance 


1 March 2024



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How the process works and HET/TPD responsibilities (who does what)  


19 March 2024



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Declaring post numbers, supporting the assessment process and confirming new trainees 


17 April 2024


Trainees Requiring Additional Support 

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The process and support available when a trainee is not progressing satisfactorily with their programme 



16 May 2024




Training Programme Director Development Session 2022-23

Please find links below to the presentations from the TPD Development sessions held between November 2022 and June 2023. This is a modular programme and presentations from each session will be added immediately following that session.

HET and Dean Update

National Recruitment

Rotations Update

Programme Management


Trainees Requiring Additional Support (Professional Support Unit)



You can access information for upcoming events and Training Programme Director Days by accessing the website calendar

Once you have selected the above link, select suitable for 'Training Programme Directors' and 'Apply' and the full list of relevant upcoming events will be listed.