SCAN Stage 1: Career self-assessment

Sound career planning is underpinned by honest and accurate self-assessment. By constructing a clearer understanding of your abilities and goals, you will be able to make career choices that are both attainable and sustainable. Detailed Self-assessment will also allow you to produce more credible, coherent applications and answers to interview questions.

A thorough self-assessment should consider the following types of questions:

  • what are my work values (the core aspects of work that are most important)?
  • what are my key strengths, skills and abilities?
  • what do I find stressful or challenging in work?
  • what are my interests (both in work and outside)?
  • who are my role models in a working context – in what manner would I like to be seen to work?
  • what type of work best suits my personality?

The information and exercises in this section will allow you to build a picture of what is important to you in your work and career and  generate key questions in defining which areas are non-negotiable and which you are willing to compromise on when moving to explore your career options in more detail.

After completion of any self-assessment exercises you have conducted, It is always a good idea to get feedback from your educational supervisor and/or careers consultant on the outcome before moving onto the career exploration stage.


Self Awareness Exercises

Identifying strengths & achievements

Identifying core values and preferences

Clarifying key skills

Personality style