The PSU Coaching Service

The Coaching Service is part of the Professional Support Unit (PSU). Our team of experienced and qualified coaches provide 1:1 coaching for trainees and learners. We are dedicated to supporting individuals who are in challenging situations which could prevent them from getting the most from their careers.

You can access 1:1 coaching sessions by completing the brief PSU Coaching Service application

What is Coaching?

Coaching can be a highly-effective way of developing awareness and insight to how we think and behave in the workplace. As a first step, this awareness shift can have a profound impact on a range of issues in our personal and professional lives. Individuals often find that coaching leads to greater satisfaction and fulfilment, heightened levels of engagement and performance, enhanced self-confidence and assertiveness, and a greater sense of wellbeing. Meeting 1:1 with a coach over a number of sessions can be a valuable way of identifying workable strategies for overcoming blocks to success, dealing with challenges and changes in the workplace, and finding and maintaining balance.

How does Coaching work?

A central feature of coaching is that the individual is able to take charge of their own decisions and development to realise their full potential. The coach is there to facilitate this process through structured questioning, often gently challenging unhelpful or limiting assumptions, beliefs and perspectives. The aim is always to support the individual to not only find their own solutions, but to have the confidence and motivation to move forward in their preferred direction. The coaching room - or virtual room - is a safe and confidential space. Individuals can be open and honest both with themselves and with their coach, knowing that the coaching relationship is grounded in respect and unconditional positive regard.

Is the PSU Coaching Service right for you?

The remit and features of the PSU's Coaching Service are listed below:

  • The PSU Coaching Service is specifically designed to help the individual explore how they can address the challenges and complexities of their lives in relation to their work-based training.
  • The PSU Coaching Service is available to healthcare professionals on a formal, workplace based training programmes such as postgraduate medical or dental trainees; pre-registration Pharmacists; Healthcare Scientists on STP or HSST programmes; Capital Nurse trainees or other healthcare professionals on preceptorship of post graduate training programmes.
  • We offer up to 4 individual sessions with a qualified and experienced coach specialising in coaching healthcare professionals.
  • We work in conjunction with the other services within the PSU to ensure a holistic approach to the individual’s professional support and development.

If you have any questions about the PSU Coaching Service please contact us at: