Inducting, Returning and Retaining the Workforce

Pre-CCT Schemes

SuppoRTT - Supported Return to Training

Information for anyone returning to clinical practice following a break in training. Find useful events, courses, resources and online forms. There is generic and speciality school specific information available to anyone returning from OOPE, OOPR, OOPC, sick leave or parental leave.

Clinical Apprenticeship Placement Scheme

A scheme of Foundation 2 posts for refugee doctors who are starting their career in the NHS.

Post-CCT Schemes

NHS GP International Induction Programme (IIP) & Return to Practice Programme (RtP) 

[Formerly known as the GP Induction and Refresher (I&R) Scheme]

This scheme is for GPs who have been out of NHS practice for more than 2 years and for EU GPs who have not worked in the NHS before. Some GPs from Australia, New Zealand and Canada may also be eligible.

GP Retainer Scheme

The GP Retainer Scheme is designed to assist doctors who can only undertake a small amount of paid general practice work (e.g. mothers of young children, carers, doctors close to retirement) to keep in touch with general practice, retain their skills and progress their careers. The scheme combines a service commitment with an educational component.