Funding and Cancellation

  • All London & KSS trainees* can attend courses for free (*by trainees we mean doctors and dentists in postgraduate medical training in London and KSS, holding a London and KSS National Training Number, on a London and KSS Foundation Programme
  • All other healthcare professionals as per the eligibility criteria can access our courses
  • Term & Conditions / Cancellation policy:

    Courses are fully funded, so please ensure that you meet the above eligibility criteria before you apply.  We recommend that you organise your study/annual leave and ensure that you can commit to attending the full session.

    All courses require full attendance in order to receive a ‘Certificate of Attendance’.  For two-day/three day courses, delegates must attend all days.

    In the event of non-attendance/no show on the course, applicants may be subject to charge ie the full cost of the course £75 - £150.

    Applicants who believe that circumstances beyond their control such as illness prevented them from attending, will need to write to Specialist Clinical Communication & Linguistic Services with a full explanation and provide evidence, eg in the form of a medical certificate. If non-attendance is the result of your Trust changing your rota at the last minute, you will need to provide evidence.