KSS Foundation trainees: Foundation Trainees in KSS should access support services via the KSS’s own Professional Support & Wellbeing Service. Please head to https://kss.hee.nhs.uk/kss-foundation/current-doctors-in-training/careers-and-wellbeing-support/ for more information. 

Trainee Doctors & Dentist Support Service (TDDSS)

Please note we cannot offer an urgent, out of hours or emergency mental health service. For severe or acute mental health crisis or in an emergency, please seek urgent support from your local GP, A&E, NHS 111 or Urgent Care Centre.


This page mostly contains information about accessing psychological support if you are a doctor or dentist in training however you may be able to access some of the services (such as NHS Practitioner Health) if you are not in training or work as part of another profession.

If you are working in an NHS Trust you should also contact your HR department to find out about psychological support available for employees.

If you are a trainee in another field we suggest also contacting your Training Programme Leads to find out how you can access funded psychological support in your field.

You can also access psychological services via your local GP. Some of the organisations named at the bottom of this page may also be useful to consider.


Psychological Support for Doctors and Dentists in training in London & KSS

If you are a doctor or dentist in training, the PSU currently funds free, independent and confidential psychological support commissioned via NHS Practitioner Health. This is called the Trainee Doctor & Dentists Support Service (TDDSS) and information about how to access this is further down this page. You will need to self refer to the service and will be eligible for up to four 1-1 sessions and/or their groups. If during your TDDSS assessment they feel you would benefit from longer or more extensive support they will then automatically transfer you internally to their NHS Practitioner Health team who can then see you for ongoing support.

The information you share with the TDDSS or Practitioner Health team is not shared with us in the PSU. They keep separate and independent records.

Doctors (and their spouses) can also access psychological support via the BMA wellbeing service or via the other organisations outlined at the bottom on this page.

Dentists can also access psychological and other support via the Dentists Health Support Trust or Dental Defence Union 

Who is eligible?

Any postgraduate trainee doctor and dentist with a current London or KSS training number will be eligible. The service is not a crisis mental health service- please see information further down for accessing mental health support in a crisis.

How to access the service:

Please complete the confidential online TDDSS registration form The information you include is not shared with the PSU or others involved in your training automatically.

Following your self-referral, you will be contacted by a clinician for a brief telephone discussion to assess your suitability for the service, and answer any questions you may have. This may last up to 15 minutes. You will then receive access to an appointment booking app which will enable you to book a longer initial assessment appointment.

The service is delivered by NHS Practitioner Health. This service does not offer an acute mental health crisis service. In a crisis you contact your GP, NHS 111 or local NHS mental health service crisis line.

Where eligible you may also access wider services available via the NHS Practitioner Health Programme: www.practitionerhealth.nhs.uk

What can this service offer?

If the assessing clinician feels they can offer you useful support  you may be offered one of the following:

  • Up to four 1-1 psychological support sessions via your assessing clinician
  • Signposting to other services such as alcohol or substance dependant support
  • Access to online CBT support tools
  • Drop in peer support group (for examples groups related addiction, LGBTQ, long Covid, neurodivergence)
  • Access to psychoeducational groups e.g. Mindfulness programme 
  • Referral to the wider Practitioner Health service for 1-1 Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) or other psychological therapies,

Where is the service based?

Initially all new assessments and addictions services will be provided remotely or  you may be able to see a clinician at Riverside Medical Centre in Vauxhall, a short (2 min) walk from the Tube, Overground and bus station.

Sessions for CBT and supportive counselling are currently offered online and on occasions in several locations around London.

TDDSS contact Details

Email: prac.health@nhs.net  or Telephone 0300 0303 300

Additional organisations providing support are listed below:


In the event of an emergency, please seek urgent support from your local GP, A&E, NHS 111 or Urgent Care Centre.