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What are ARCP's?

The annual process where your e-Portfolio is reviewed by a panel to ensure you have progressed as expected. This is a process specified by the “Gold Guide” (https://www.copmed.org.uk/publications/gold-guide/gold-guide-9th-edition) the manual specifying training in the UK. An overview of the ARCP process can be found on the LSP website. (https://londonpaediatrics.co.uk/trainees-home/arcp/)

Key dates

ARCP's take place in two windows, Winter and Summer.

The Winter ARCP's take place in January and the Summer ARCP's take place in June & July.

The next ARCP's will be taking place between 15th & 18th January 2024

The deadline to upload all information to ePortfolio is 10th January 2024.

Preparing & Forms

Preparing for ARCP takes a long time, of which the most important part is clinical learning and evidencing this in your e-portfolio. The ARCP page (https://londonpaediatrics.co.uk/trainees-home/arcp/) on the LSP website has a useful guide to preparing for ARCP.


Form R's are submitted via the TIS Self-Service (TSS) and after completing it there, a PDF copy must be uploaded to the ARCP folder on ePortfolio.

Please click here for further information and guidance regarding TSS and Form R



What is LTFT?

Many trainees choose to work less than full time (LTFT). Although this may improve work life balance, this affects the experience of training and consequently can increase (calendar) time in training. There are also changes to pay and progression.

To address some of these issues, trainees interested in developing LTFT have put together these resources. (https://londonpaediatrics.co.uk/trainees-home/ltftinfozone/) which may help you decide on what is best for you.

The LTFT percentages that are offered 50%,60%,70% & 80%.

Key dates

For the 3 below reasons, applications can be submitted any time throughout the training year, though a notice period of 16 weeks is required. Any less will only be considered in exceptional circumstances.

  • Parental care
  • Trainees with a disability or ill health
  • Trainees with caring responsibilities

Trainees that wish to apply under any of the criteria listed below must do so within the given HET LTFT Windows. The Windows are determined by the month in which you rotate.

  • Welfare and wellbeing
  • Unique opportunities   
  • Religious commitment  
  • Non-medical development   
  • Flexibility for training and career development 

The next window to submit an application for September 2024 is 19th April to 3rd May 2024.

How to apply & Forms

Trainees apply to change their percentage LTFT and this is considered by the School. The form is available via the support portal (https://hee.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/7000006974)



Out of Programme

What is OOP?

Paediatric training is quite long, and many trainees choose to take time out of programme (OOP) either for a career break, for other experiences, for training, to pause their training or for research. Trainees can apply for any of these categories after discussion with their educational supervisor and TPD. Using the stipulations laid down in the Gold Guide (https://www.copmed.org.uk/publications/gold-guide/gold-guide-9th-edition), the school puts together an OOP panel to consider these applications.

Further information is available on the process on the trainees’ website. (https://londonpaediatrics.co.uk/trainees-home/out-of-programme-oop/)

Key dates

Applications must be submitted at least 6 months prior to the start of the requested OOP and during the application windows.

The next OOP window for a September 2024 OOP is 19th February to 4th March 2024.

How to apply & Forms

All applications are submitted via the portal and must have a completed signatory form found at the bottom of this page.(https://lasepgmdesupport.hee.nhs.uk/support/solutions/7000038225)

You will be notified of the decision after the OOP panel meeting.



What are IDT's?

The Inter-deanery transfer is a process by which trainees can have their training move from one training region to another. This applies even within London up to ST4. The new region has to have capacity to train those wishing to come in. Rota gaps do not equate to capacity.

Key dates

The next application window to transfer in September 2024 is 7th February to 3rd April 2024

How to apply & Forms

All information and forms can be found on the following website.(https://medical.hee.nhs.uk/medical-training-recruitment/medical-specialt...).

If you are not successful please book into a contact meeting via the portal (https://hee.freshdesk.com/support/home) to discuss other options



About the School

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Rotations & Matching

Recruitment, SPIN, GRID and Curriculum